Brendan Schaub Tells GREAT Brian Ortega Story | Luke Thomas

At UFC 222, UFC featherweights Brian Ortega and Frankie Edgar will face off in the co-main event. In this clip from an interview in studio on my radio show, Brendan Schaub tells a story about how Ortega got into jiu-jitsu, but nearly had to quit if it wasn’t for Rener Gracie intervening. Because of Gracie, Ortega has gone on to become a successful jiu-jitsu black belt, instructor, MMA fighter and more.

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  1. I bet Schaub's legs are crossed like a proper lady under the table.

  2. "allways using jiu jitsu" "i dont think his striking is there"…. thats the problem i have with schaub. he is a casual disguised as an analyst.

  3. @Luke Thomas – Neither 'Tells' nor 'Story' should be capitalized in your title.

  4. I unsubbed from Sonnen for this 20 clips at 2 minutes long thing. Don't do this Luke.

  5. When you have to say your super close with someone twice I'm guessing you're not close at all

  6. I’m a big Brendan schaub fan and I love the guy but he’s just not a drawl – Brendan “I like it when there’s 2 dicks” schaub

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