Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL VIDEO #49 – Feminist First (Jon Anik)

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Romero not making weight and the consequences of it, Romero vs. Rockhold fight and their “intimate moment”, the most exhausting part of MMA, UFC Commentator Jon Anik calls in and talks about prepping for his job, his most embarrassing moment on air, best moment in his UFC career and getting into podcasting, then the guys wrap up by talking about how they’re spending Valentine’s Day, listener questions and so much more!


  1. I used to dislike Anik, but he obviously puts in the work and has really turned the corner. Much respect to him.

  2. Michael doing a pod cast now fucking hell. No one is really interested in his opinion

  3. PuertoRican Rattlesnake be having me ball out laughing at work. Keep the podcasts coming lads, it's fire!

  4. GaS Digital Network = Amateur hour. Mike needs to find a new production company ASAP.

  5. I think Gomez said "i think" at least 100 times this podcast. Its his version of "like" and i was like, i think he says it alot and i believe this, its like what i think and stuff like that, yourMomHouse, Dude look into it

  6. Does Bisping's mouth generate that much saliva that he has to noticeably slurp it up every other sentence? My god. Other than that, love the podcast. Luis is a great second/host.

  7. Still waiting to hear an MAMA podcast where they don't mention Rogan once.

  8. Hi guys I'm an avid podcast listener I've been into MMA for more than 15 years I'm a massive fan and have even done MMA in early 2000s, not very successful though. Never thought I'd find a podcast I liked more than Joe rogan's but from the very first time I heard you guys about 6-7 months ago its absolutely my favourite podcast I've ever heard. I wait every Monday well actually in my country it's Tuesday (new Zealand) excited for the next podcast. I like Lewis but I must say Micheal you are my favourite fighter I like your technique but mostly I like your personality. lots of love from New Zealand my friends. Keep up the great work you have a fan here for life.

  9. anyone else think bisping & luis were in a studio, sitting across from each other?

  10. MBE for Bisping ??.. 'WoW' "Mike" really dose moan shitloads "Luis" tell him to fuck off (joke). I said last week on MMA weekly "Bisping" showed the blueprint for knocking out "Rockhold" … Mike chill out be happy life to short to be miserable ?. SMILE SIR BISPING ?????. "Tai Tuivasa" got the drinking from Daniel Ricardo from F1 Formula 1 he drinks out of his racing shoe when he wins the race. it's an Australian fashion.

  11. I find myself listening to the podcast in my car driving to work….love these guys. The in the evening find myself watching it too! WTF

  12. Great chemistry between you both… seriously really good! PLEASE ASK MIKE ABOUT THE SIX NATIONS RUGBY TOURNAMENT, which is on ATM! Ive asked a few times now although, my question must get lost with the other questions! BTW, best podcast out there, BY FAR! Its just really great to listen/watch! Thankyou very much! You two may be like chalk n cheese but … OPPOSITES ATTRACT, FACT!

  13. Just when I thought there's no more video version being put up on Youtube you hit us with another one!

  14. Am I a double sad BASTARD for watching the video in full after already listening to the show yesterday?

  15. michael has a history where he doesn't show up on mondays to his job…he freely admits this…

  16. Gomez is so annoying shut the front door. He talks so much yet says nothing, reminds me of Goldie thank god he's gone. Diaz's first fight Rogan say "Diaz has a ton a scar tissue around his eyes" after that Goldie would say it every Diaz fight. He was so stupid and annoying.

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