After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 186

The panel answers your questions regarding the UFC’s next T.V. deal, the current books they’re reading, the best prospect in MMA, their favorite sport outside of MMA, and much more.


  1. What if the UFC would have less ppvs but have bigger events where maybe instead of an undercard it was 10 fights all on a main card

  2. I love how when Jack talks about television he uses a hand motion of switching it on like the old tvs.

  3. Sometimes I just wonder if any of these guys in the MMA/UFC world or generally in the US are aware/know anything of motorsports/Formula 1…

    IMO the greatest sport with MMA. Got into MMA much later but both are very much my favorites now.

  4. Great job hosting luke. I like when you rant about things a little more. Lol btw it's KHABIB TIME

  5. Speaking about the Fox Deal, I hate fox for 1 reason, too many channels!!! I still can't get every channel that the UFC comes on fox. FXX, FS1/2, Big Fox…drives me crazy on fight night.

  6. Why the heck can Danny never seem to pronounce O'MALLEY correctly? How hard could it be in his accent not to say "O'Miley"?

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