Rick and Scott Steiner formed arguably the greatest tag team in WCW history, and certainly have a place among the all time greats, but what is the story with their run with WWE? Learn about the plan to push Scott to the moon as a single star,

what kept Vince from getting on board, their quick ascent to the title, and the reasons for their short run in the WWF. Conrad and Bruce also cover the entire run of Big Poppa Pump in the WWE; including why he was an ideal adversary for Triple H at the time, why he didn’t sign when WCW was bought out, how he wanted to change the finish to the title match on the last Nitro, and much more! Also, a great discussion and insight on the process and influence of Jim Johnston, the recently released WWF/WWE music master, on this “Steinerized” version of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Holler if you hear me!

Nobody has a story like Jake Roberts. His family life has become somewhat of an urban legend in wrestling so Bruce and Conrad address the rumor and innuendo surrounding Grizzly Smith. They also detail Jake’s rise in the business outside of the WWF, how the character was developed, Jake’s interest in booking, his unique promo style,

the DDT on the floor that took Steamboat out of commission, why the Hogan feud never happened, who created the DDT, how to properly take it, protecting a finisher, why people cheered for Jake, the silly song Bruce and Jake wanted to create for the DDT, how Honky Tonk Man gets blamed for Jake’s addiction issues, how Pat Patterson’s partner may share some of the blame, Jake’s stints in rehab, why his wife Cheryl was on the road, his feud with Rick Rude, the silly Harlem rats that Bad News found, Earthquake squashing the snake, turning heel, the silly Warrior vignettes, who shot the snake-in-a-box wedding surprise, how Jake convinced Savage to let the snake bite him, getting Randy out of retirement, cocaine testing in the WWF, how Vince reacted to the Duggan-Shiek arrests, a tidbit about bringing Snuka back after he lost a civil suit for murdering his girlfriend, feuding with the Undertaker, the misstep of going to WCW and what went wrong, how Jake came back in 1996 to huge reactions, who thought Jake was just working a religious gimmick, who Jake pushed creatively,

how Jake joined the writing team, Jake relapsing, how Jake was fired, when Bruce saw Jake again, and the happy ending that no one expected for Jake. “Trust Me” this is a monster of an episode!Ask your questions for the Steiner Brothers in the WWF, vote in our next poll with Edge/Orton/RVD/Booker T, and wake up with the Morning Deuce with Bruce:

Your new Thanksgiving tradition continues! An early release of Something To Wrestle featuring Bruce and Conrad providing a rare “watch-along” running commentary episode on the inaugural Survivor Series PPV 30 “Turkey Days ” ago! There were some kinks to work out for sure, and the guys talk about all of them. As an event designed to get everybody “on the card”, there are an unbelievable amount of Hall of Famers to talk about as well as Bam Bam Bigelow, Danny Davis, the real reason for Survivor Series and all the silliness and insight you should expect from Bruce and Conrad on OUR inaugural Thanksgiving episode if Something to Wrestle …….. Bruce Prichard.

Mauro Ranallo stops in to discuss his upcoming documentary, mental health, medicinal cannabis, MMA, boxing, WWE and more.

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It goes without saying that 2002 was a crazy year for the WWE. In this episode we discuss the first brand split fizzling, the way the boys felt about it, who created Katie Vick, how the funeral segment was shot, the fallout from the angle, why they got rid of the Intercontinental title, the Lennox Lewis vs. Brock Lesnar PPV, Undertaker missing a PPV main event,

was Kevin Nash milking the quad injury, Stephanie discussing her sex life with Triple H on Howard Stern, Regal’s rep as an office stooge, Terry Taylor coming back in for the 917th time, heat with Test over not cutting his hair, how Nathan Jones got hired, what Vince thought of JR’s BBQ sauce, when the company knew Edge was a top guy, when Bret and Vince started talking again, Vince being “hot and cold” with Mick Foley, how and why the Scott Steiner deal came together, the issue Linda McMahon had with Hogan’s book, Hogan playing the WWE against AJPW in the middle of his book promotion, Jeff Hardy’s “passion” for wrestling, the biggest gate in MSG history, the rumored Lesnar-Hogan main event for Survivor Series, the heat between Brock and Big Show, what the office thought of Chyna and Waltman getting engaged, why the WWE website pulled down Austin’s merchandise, why they brought back the Big Gold Belt, who was for it and who was against it, why the company can’t say the letters “WWF” in some old footage on the Network, a newspaper’s behind the scene’s look at a day at RAW, embezzlement at the WWF New York Club, Shane’s role in the company, rumors that Shane and HHH don’t get along, a theory of why Raven didn’t get more of a push, HHH’s political power, whether or not Steiner was a locker room cancer, how was Shawn in the locker room after his return, the expectations that Jeff Hardy will jump off of stuff, Bruce teaches Conrad about vomitoriums, the craziest opener in Survivor Series history, what made Angle great in backstage skits,

why Kidman changed his look, how underrated Noble and Nidia were, who remembers the F-View camera angle, what kept the Lesnar/Show match short, one of the best matches you probably don’t remember, what kept Chavo from being World Champion, what Vince thought of Chris Nowinski, Matt Hardy Version 1, why Steiner came in as a babyface, the WWE’s relationship with Saliva, why Booker T had more success than other WCW transplants, Shawn’s gear and haircut, the original plan for Shawn’s return, RVD injuring HHH’s throat, whether or not there was heat after the injury, the creation of the cell, who thought of it, who made it, what did the boys think of it, and did the company plan for this to be permanent gimmick match going forward? PLUS details on our new poll for the 12/1 episode, a bonus offer to look at Bruce’s old booking sheets, plus more details about your NEW Thanksgiving Tradition!

The business was changing in 1996 and Bret Hart was at the center of it all for the World Wrestling Federation. Bill Watts is out and the decision is made to make Shawn Michaels “the guy.” Soon after, Diesel and Razor leave for greener pastures creating a perfect storm for Bret Hart to the subject of the greatest bidding war in the history of the business.

Bret stays loyal for less money but finds that this isn’t the same WWF he left a year before. How did the Ultimate Warrior potentially change everything for Bret? What did Bret think of Shawn losing his smile? How did Vince convince Bret to become a heel? What was with the cursing on RAW before WrestleMania 13? Bret doubled down and the Hart Foundation’s angle became the hottest in the company. While feuding on camera with Steve Austin, Bret’s real issue was with Shawn Michaels. We address Sunny days, the wheelchair promo to end RAW, the fight before RAW, the “girly” magazine comments, and how “working the boys” turned into a shoot. What fault did Bret deserve in this? What single conversation could have caused the Montreal Screwjob? On one of the most historic nights of Mick Foley and Steve Austin’s career, Bret learns his contract is about to be breached because Vince can’t afford him. When did Vince regret giving Bret that contract? Did Vince change his mind and tell Bret he found the money? What did Bret’s agent say? What did Bret ask Bischoff for? When Bret got the offer, how did Vince respond? Once the deal was done, how did word get out? What did Bret write in his column that week that directly contradicts what Bret wrote in his book? Why did Vince write an open letter to the fans before the Survivor Series? Who suggested the screwjob? What offer did Vince make to Bret for the night before that Bret turned down? Which of the boys tried to warn Bret? Who knew the night of? When did Earl see Bret again? We’ve heard Bret’s account of punching Vince but what really happened in that room? Who tried to quit in protest?

Who came up with “Bret Screwed Bret” for the interview with JR? Bret’s final two years in the company saw him put on some of his best matches ever, he certainly give his strongest promos of his career during this time, and was involved in one of the hottest angles in company history. Does the screwjob tarnish all of that? Decide for yourself in our longest episode ever in what we believe is the best podcast there is, was, or ever will be!

SOUND OFF 547 talks about why Backlash was trash and received the worst vote ratio of any Twitter poll we’ve ever done, plus listing all the other crappy finishes WWE could use for future matches between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura… what the stipulation for their next match might be… WWE using Jinder Mahal to get Roman Reigns cheered…

Bobby Lashley’s awkward interview on Raw professing his love for his sisters… the problem that isn’t going away with Bobby Roode… Seth Rollins starts an open challenge for the Intercontinental title and why it has surpassed the Universal title as the top belt on the Raw brand… why The Miz needs to win Money in the Bank… Rusev beats Daniel Bryan to qualify for MITB and you would think the sky is falling… heat on Big Cass for going off script, why it was a dumb thing for him to do and was he supposed to get Rusev’s spot in MITB?… The Iconics fall flat so far on the main roster… pitching an idea for Becky Lynch and her road to redemption at Summerslam… Shayna Baszler bullies Dakota Kai and sharing my own story about a cafeteria brawl with a bully in middle school… why Tomasso Ciampa is the best heel in all of wrestling right now… does Vince McMahon take the fans for granted?… which lower card WWE performers could leave for a few years and come back to be headliners?… is a WrestleMania return to Las Vegas all but a lock, and if so, when?… then ending with some words about my mother on this first Mother’s Day without her and a replay of last year’s Mother’s Day Madness segment.

“Oh, you didn’t know?!” Bruce and Conrad proudly bring to you three hours about one of the greatest tag teams in the woooooorld, “the Badass” Billy Gunn and “the Roaddog” Jesse James — the New Age Outlaws! How could the Roadie and Rockabilly ever possibly compete for screen time with Stone Cold, the Rock, Triple H, the Undertaker, Mankind, and a locker room filled with Hall of Famers? Bruce explains how an unlikely pairing became bonafide superstars during the biggest boom in wrestling history! How did James get back in “good graces” with Vince after walking out with Jarrett? Rockabilly with Honky, who booked this ish?! Who saw something in this pairing? Where did the intro come from?

Did the Road Warriors have an issue with putting over this new pairing? Plus you’ll get more details about the Dumpster Match at Mania 14, the first major RAW after Mania, DX invading Nitro, the DX break-ups and reunions, addiction issues, some resentment in the locker room over Roaddog’s push, Austin refusing to work a match with Gunn, the Rock sealing Gunn’s fate as a singles star, Mr. Ass, Chyna, Billy G, K-Kwik, and somehow we wind up learning about what Vince McMahon watches on television. PLUS a major announcement closes the show: a WORLD CHAMPION joins us in Houston for our live show in two weeks. Join us at www.BoxOfGimmicks.com!Time Stamps:1:40 Reactions to last week’s episode3:36 Something to Wrestle with…New Day9:20 Are Conrad and Bruce being paid by the WWE?12:18 November’s show schedule19:21 New Age Outlaws20:08 Bringing the Roadie back21:40 Road Dogg can sing24:18 Road Dogg: American Hero27:48 Armstrong family legacy 32:03 Smoking Gunns36:30 Rockabilly43:13 Forming the Outlaws55:05 New names57:34 Tag Team Champions of the WOOOOOORRRRRLLLLD1:00:50 Chainsaw Charlie1:08:26 Chainsaw and Cactus take a dumpster dive1:16:35 How tough is Terry Funk?

1:21:48 Joining DX1:28:48 Invading Nitro1:39:29 The famous introduction1:42:29 DX turns babyface1:52:14 Billy teams with Austin1:55:59 Bruce’s thoughts on 3 ways (matches)1:57:15 The Oddities2:05:06 What does Vince watch on television? 2:07:46 ICP2:12:15 Testing singles runs2:18:22 Road Dogg’s personal struggles2:28:56 Road Dogg wins IC Title2:38:20 Mr. Ass2:41:20 Breaking up2:49:15 King Ass2:52:25 Austin turns down working with Billy2:55:37 The beginning of the end for Billy’s solo run 3:05:36 Reuniting3:20:56 K-Kwik3:29:03 The Outlaws legacy3:33:20 Bruce’s top 5 tag teams3:36:21 Facebook questions