Bruce discusses the details of the 9/11 tragedy from a WWE perspective, who was where, what happened, etc. and then in great detail discusses how SmackDown was rescheduled from Tuesday to Thursday with everything that went into producing a very unique show.Read More →

SOUND OFF 563 is THREE HOURS talking the death of Burt Reynolds, his appearance at Wrestlemania X and how I ended up on “Good Morning Britain” talking about his death…Jim Ross shooting on “selfish” and “unprofessional” wrestlers going long on the All In show, resulting in the main event being cut for time… revealing the possible new programs coming to the WWE Network, including house shows and a Hardy Family sitcom… FULL REVIEW of episode one of the Mae Young Classic… thoughts on the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker segment from Raw and if it means HBK is coming out of retirement… The Shield ARRAINGED BEFORE A JUDGE ON LABOR DAY then commandeers a police van…Read More →

This week Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson talk about Summerslam 1988!!! The mega powers meet the mega bucks when Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan team up to take on Ted Dibiase and Andre the Giant. Rick Rude and more.Read More →

Samoa Joe joins Sam on Notsam Wrestling, Live at Caroline’s on Broadway, as we talk AJ Styles, becoming full time in WWE, merch sales, handling opportunity, and more.
Sam talks PWI 500, All In, Braun Strowman’s heel turn, and more in the State of Wrestling.Read More →

RAW is crushing Nitro in the ratings and WCW has Thunder, so why not create a second show right? What did the boys think of an extra day of work? What did the writers think? Who was for it and who was against it? What other names were considered?Read More →

Alexa Bliss joins Sam as Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast is now Notsam Wrestling.  Alexa talks about her match with Ronda Rousey, her road to being multi-time champion, her original character ideas, cosplay, and more.
Sam breaks down Takeover and Summerslam, talks the Shield reunion, and more in the State of Wrestling. Read More →