Jean and Jean are together with no one else home on this one.

We FINALLY found him – a super creepy guy that is beyond menacing and get this, he’s wearing a shirt. It’s a first here at YMH. Plus, the ladies are letting us know that they don’t always have a man telling them to write in or say outrageous stuff to us – they do it themselves! AND did Dr Drew call Tom “Bert?”

This one is just Jean and Jean. We find yet another man who is putting it out there for the world wide web with a plea that is sure to touch a woman’s heart. We find a man who represents the Dark Siiiiiide and you may not be ready for it.

Plus, is Hummus good to eat before a massage?

How many days is too many without a shower? AND – we may have uncovered the secret to what the Try It Out guy is saying!

The mommies discover the sissy of Fremont, talk about Andre the Giant’s farts and more importantly his best friends beard. AND, how many donut holes could you eat in one 12 minute sitting? We feel a competition brewing.