Nevada will adopt the new Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but not with the same definition of a grounded opponent. They are not the only state to carve out this exception. Other state athletic commissions make adjustments to other rules, all of them involving hugely difficult, complex and consequential aspects of about, leaving the fighter to worry about an array of competing rule sets.Read More →

On this installment of After The (MMA) Beat, the panel answers your questions regarding Miesha Tate’s involvement with ONE Championship, the best bad fights they’ve ever seen, referee Dan Miragliotta’s controversial call at UFC 230, and much more.Read More →

Ben Askren’s first UFC fight will reportedly be against former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler in January at UFC 233 in Anaheim. While many are happy to see Askren make his UFC debut, some others hate this fight for Askren. I don’t. It’s not the perfect or even best fight for Askren, but plenty useful. Here’s why Colby Covington or Darren Till can wait.Read More →

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis spoke to me at Thursday’s UFC 230 media day. We discussed his new Popeye’s sponsorship, why he has a hard time accepting the good things in his life, facing Daniel Cormier and so much more. In truth, even if he loses in the main event on Saturday, he’s already won in perhaps the most important ways.Read More →

On this week’s episode, we’ll discuss the latest on UFC 230, the historic trade of Ben Askren for Demetrious Johnson, the role of Artem Lobov, Anthony Smith’s rise and more.Read More →

UFC President Dana White is catching heat for comments made about former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson not being accepted by the fans. While White has a role to play in not promoting Johnson as he could’ve been (and throwing him under the bus as a failed pay-per-view draw), it’s not true the UFC never pushed him on big platforms or with meaningful campaigns.Read More →

At UFC Moncton, Artem Lobov lost to Michael Johnson via unanimous decision. In the wake of his loss, MMA Fighting writer Chuck Mindenhall wrote about the curiosity of Lobov’s ability to stay on the UFC roster. SBG Dublin coach John Kavanagh responded to the piece, arguing Lobov did deserve a place in the UFC and not merely because he’s Conor McGregor’s training partner. What’s the truth? Here’s my take.Read More →