Coach Zahabi talks about how being obsessed with any one thing in life might not be a very healthy choice and might even lead to a breakdown. Instead being focussed and dedicated to what you are doing can be the healthier choice.Read More →

In this video coach talks about what rules and judging system would be best for determining the winner of a MMA fight. The current round system is definitely a disadvantage for grapplers and wrestlers. Coach suggest starting back on the ground in a standard position should a round end on the ground in a previous round. Read More →

Coach talks specifically about the how to get your ducks in order. When you feel like things are getting done and that you are being efficient, you will often have no need to feel stressed. Read More →

Coach Zahabi shares his thoughts on McGregor vs Khabib post fight drama. New MMA culture, Connor throwing first punch, Dillon Danis and Khabib brawl, Connor throwing Dolly incident ,
Coach John Kavanagh, Connor throwing bottle at Diaz during UFC conference, Connor bringing up family names, religion etc.Read More →