Professional wrestling is hotter than ever in the Summer of 1998 with “Stone Cold” is leading the charge for the WWF. This show was between Mankind’s infamous Hell in a Cell and the “Highway to Hell” SummerSlam at MSG and things are changing quickly in the WWF. We cover choppy choppy, the Dungeon match, the DX parody of NOD, the drunken Hawk angle, the nearly nude Sable, and of course Jackie’s um… well, you know.

Here comes the Ax, here comes the Smasher, the Demolition! Over two hours of Bruce discussing the entire fun of the #1 WWE Tag Team of all time, Demolition! How did they come about? Were they a poor man’s Road Warriors? Why did they turn baby face? Why did Crush join? What happened to Ax? Why aren’t they in the Hall of Fame? All of this and more!

Twenty years ago the WWF was transitioning as the wrestling business was changing. Bret Hart was now a heel in America but still a Canadian hero out to stop the rise of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. This PPV was the Hart Foundation’s “homecoming” in front of one of the rowdiest crowds of all time. This IYH won “Major Show of the Year” in 1997 and our coverage is longer than the actual show!

From the backyard to the world title, Bruce Prichard covers the entire Rise of CM Punk. Why was he sent to OVW? Who in talent relations held him back? Did being a Heyman Guy hurt him? What the hell happened with Unforgiven 2008? Does Bruce think he will be back? All this and more in over three hours of CM Punk!

Before John Cena was “the Face that Runs the Place” everyone from Bruce Prichard to Vince McMahon had their doubts as to whether or not he could even make the main roster and then a trip to the UK changed everything! From wrestling on mattresses with his brothers to beating the Big Show for the US Title at WrestleMania XX, we cover the entire rise of John Cena!

From the video store to the head writer, Bruce Prichard covers the rise of Vince Russo in the WWF for over three hours! From The Rock, to DX, and Stone Cold the “Russo Era” was all about “Attitude.” You’ve heard Russo tell his story but what REALLY happened? Hear the good, the bad, and the ugly on our longest show ever!

What happened when Austin “took his ball and went home” in 2002? Was it creative? Was he injured? Did it cost him a beer deal? How much did it cost him to come back? Listen if you dare, Bruce is sick and this is three hours of our worst episode ever! WHAT? Worst episode. WHAT? Ever.

What you gonna do when Something to Wrestle runs wild on YOU?! How the first Royal Rumble came to be, the first SummerSlam, Hogan-Andre on NBC’s Main Event, the Mega Powers unite, WrestleMania IV, the fist helmet, Bad News beef with Andre the Giant, memories from the Brother Love Show and more in nearly three hours covering Hulk Hogan’s 1988!

What happened when “hell froze over” in July 2002 and Eric Bischoff joined the WWE? Who was for it and who was against it? The time he tried to fight Vince, HLA, the Chuck & Billy Wedding, kissing Linda and Stephanie, Flair trying to take his eye out, and getting thrown in a garbage truck — we cover it all! PLUS the Punjabi Boss Man song!

What happened when Steve Austin became “Stone Cold” and got his first major push in the WWF? Many argue that the “Attitude Era” started at this very Pay Per VIew. But no one could argue “Austin 3:16” would become the #1 selling t-shirt in the company and the business was never the same! Enjoy more than two hours of Bruce Prichard talking the show that made “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!