The WWF is on fire by April ’98. In this episode we cover the “RAW after WrestleMania” where Sean Waltman returned to the company to join DX, the New Age Outlaws became made men, Vince tried to “tame” his new champion, and everything else on the way to the Pay Per View after WrestleMania 14, Unforgiven 1998. Why was Dude Love the right opponent for Austin’s first title defense?

When did the company know that Austin-McMahon had “it” together? What did Waltman change that resulted in a better contract? What was the original name considered for him upon his return? How much of his “shoot” promo was scripted? How in the world did FIRE become such a critical part of the Undertaker-Kane feud? Who first pitched the Inferno Match? When did they first put the match together? What precautions were taken? You’ll also hear more “tinkle, tinkle” silliness, who Bruce saw more potential in, some discussion on Mark Yeaton, the potential plan for Ric Flair on this Pay Per View, why the company didn’t run Greensboro more often, what McMahon thought about the Rock N Roll Express, how the hell Sawyer Brown was on this show, how over Sable was without really doing anything, when the experiment for LOD 2000 was really over, Hunter beating Owen for the 713th time in a row, why Hunter wasn’t the opponent for Steve instead of Dude Love, details on McMahon’s first chair shot, and of course “Cornette” and “Pat” discussing the inferno match. We think 1998 is so easy to talk about and these two hours are going to fly by as we discuss UNFORGIVEN 1998!

ROB! VAN! DAM! This week Bruce examines the entire run of “Mr. Monday Night” for hours on end. From training with the Sheik, to how he got into WCW, to why he left WCW, visiting Japan to fully become Rob Van Dam, finally getting into ECW, and the big break being featured on Monday Night RAW in 1997.

You’ve got to hear Bruce and Rob’s take on Paul Heyman’s “management style” at the time, the first time Rob met Vince, when the WWF made overtures to sign Rob the first time, who actually arranged the meeting with JR, what the perception of Rob was based on the 1997 run, why Rob got to keep his name in the WWF, why he got the major push in 2001 including a win over Austin, what match changed Vince’s perception of him, the little details Rob thought separated the WWF from ECW, who tried to undermine Rob in the back, who Rob had heat with over changing finishes, who Stephanie thought Rob should be more excited about facing, what advice Shane gave him that he thought was basically asking him to kiss ass, when he wanted to play “pick a hand” with Bruce and why, the infamous Tribute to the Troops story, the time Johnny Ace through him out of a meeting, the time he almost slapped Vince, what title Rob misses the most, of course the full rundown of what happened in the car with Sabu when he was champion, what Rob thinks could have been done differently, and how he thinks the company screwed him out of a major check on the way out. Don’t miss the hilarious story of Bruce smoking with Rob, who reminds Bruce of Rob Van Dam today, whether or not RVD is a Hall of Famer, and much more! With a show this long, with this much detail, this is indeed the “Whole F’N Show!”

Is the podcast over?! Did Bruce and Conrad sell out? After the rumor and innuendo is put to bed, we have a special announcement about another podcast project, and then it’s time for the main event…

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN the WWF FINALLY beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars? It took 84 weeks but the magic bullet was under the nose all along: Vince McMahon fighting “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! Fire up the WWE Network, find the April 13, 1998, edition of Monday Night RAW, press mute and come along for a fun “watch along” edition of a historic night in WWE history with Bruce and Conrad discussing how it all came together for RAW to FINALLY beat Nitro in the ratings!

WHO’S NEXT?! GOOOOOLDBERG! He was the hottest star for WCW during their hottest period but his first run in the WWE wasn’t quite as stellar. Did JR try to bring him in before he signed with WCW? What did Vince think about him? What run-ins did he have with WWE superstars before coming in? Who helped bring him in? Who was against it?

Why didn’t he come in sooner? Was he supposed to be a part of WM19? Why did he debut in jeans and a jacket? What REALLY happened with the fight with Jericho? Goldberg in a Goldust wig, who booked this ish?! What was Vince trying to accomplish with Goldberg? What did Rock think of working with him? How did he get along with Hunter? What was the locker room reception to him? What was the hilarious “common theme” with seemingly all of Goldberg’s storylines? When did the relationship start to change? Was their “strike one” and a “strike two” for Goldberg in the WWE? What was Goldberg’s chief complaint? Why was his first loss on a house show? Was the Elimination Chamber match a back up plan? How was business with Goldberg as the top guy? What backstage incident cemented Goldberg’s future with the company? Why book Goldberg vs. Lesnar at WM20? Why was Austin added? How was it decided who would win the match? What did Goldberg say after he left? Does Goldberg deserve the Hall of Fame honor?

How do you follow a show like WrestleMania III? Was the pressure on Vince McMahon to outdo himself once again in 1988? How did the company try to capitalize on the success of III, what was thinking behind moving from a dome to casino, what package did Trump offer that “won” Mania for his site, what sucked about the arena, how did the live gate compare to the prior year, ticket pricing strategies, why the crowd was dead, why tickets didn’t sell faster, the original idea for the featured match, how closed circuit worked, the business of VHS in 1988,

who had the tournament idea, why the bracket on TV wasn’t the bracket at the event, the war with Crockett, this show compared to Clash of the Champions, what was happening in Hogan’s real life right after this show, how Hogan dealt with the rumors he was leaving for movies, why Savage was chosen, whether or not DiBiase was considered, when the decision was made, how the company spoiled the main event, why the company ended their long relationship with Video One in Baltimore, why Bruno left the company, why Vince prefers America the Beautiful, how the company booked mainstream acts to sing at WrestleMania in this era, why Bret says he was turned baby face, why Bad News was getting a push, how the association with Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous came to be, discussion on Muraco, the relationship between Graham and McMahon, the steroid policy a this time, why Steamboat left, who wanted Steamboat to bring his family to the ring, why Savage-Steamboat didn’t happen again,

why Butch Reed left, the long rumored story of the Steamboat/Reed/HTM/Savage belt scenario, what Heenan hated about this show, Hogan’s crazy promo, Rude and Savage having fun with the Trumps ringside, a story about Hercules getting heat, Sherri’s favorite role, how Brutus got heat with the company, details about the iconic Andre-Uecker promo, Demolition being cheered as heels, what Vince thought was the biggest snafu before the main event, the wardrobe changes for Savage & Liz, whether or not moving away from Hogan was a mistake, why this show didn’t meet expectations critically or financially, whether or not this is the “worst” WrestleMania of all time, and why Vince never did the tournament at WrestleMania ever again. Don’t miss one of our best shows ever and what the world is watching… WRESTLEMANIA IV!

Bruce has had enough and he blows a gasket to start the show this week. Around 18 minutes in, it’s all about the first time Vince McMahon decided to do the very first “brand split” with the First Draft on March 25, 2002! Who had the idea first?

What was the original plan? Who in the office was against a split? Was Flair always supposed to be the first “General Manager” in company history? Was the idea to create “dream matches” for super shows? Was the brand split based on revenues being down or strictly creative? Bruce details exactly how Vince presents an idea and the way the writers worked together in that era. Who was happiest Hogan was back in the locker room? Who did Hall & Nash not want in the nWo? Who was allegedly “blown off” by a friend at WrestleMania? How did Vince feel when people joked about his failure with the XFL on TV? Who first used the word “brand” and why did the company start using it on TV? Who won the battle: WWF or DirecTV? Was there ever a plan to do more than 16 PPVs a year?

Bruce discusses Mark Henry in the Hall of Fame, more details than ever before about the WWF name change, what agreement Vince didn’t honor, what other names were considered, who wanted the word “wrestling” out of the name, rumors about Rey and Eddie’s low ball contract offers, why the lightweight title never caught on, whether or not Stephanie wanted to be a TV star, which Superstars got to tryout for color commentary before Taz was selected, what Vince said at the meeting with the boys prior to the draft, how and where those meetings are held, why Penn State was the host, why RAW got a new look that night, when the talent found out, which talent did know ahead of time, who had special requests, whether or not traveling partners were considered, the silliness of Steve Austin not being in the draft, how Jericho found out, why Hunter wasn’t eligible, why the nWo could be drafted as a group but the Dudleyz were split, who saw the Dudleyz as singles stars, how the Austin-McMahon relationship was at this point, plus details on the first Undisputed World Title belt!

Is WrestleMania 19 the most underrated WrestleMania of all time? It’s Brock’s first WrestleMania and he’s in the main event for the World Title. It’s Steve Austin’s last WrestleMania and the finale of the Austin-Rock trilogy.

It’s Shawn Michael’s first WrestleMania in five years and he stole the show with Chris Jericho. This is the most “stacked” roster in company history. Jeff Hardy, Batista, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and John Cena are all on the roster but not on the show. With this loaded roster, why was business down? The buy-rate was down 36% from 2002 but why? Were fans not ready for Angle-Lesnar in the top spot? Did the Undertaker not have a big enough match? Was Hogan-Vince what people saw as the focal point? Had the Rock-Austin feud lost some of its luster? Of course, that night will mostly be remembered for the Shooting Star Press in the main event. We cover that in great detail including never before heard details of the fallout of that evening for both men and you won’t believe it.

Plus we examine the unbelievable choices the WWE made regarding the Booker T-Triple H storyline to build to WrestleMania, the silliness of the Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls, Torrie’s Playboy, the WWE theme ride in Niagra Falls, why the World finally closed, how Austin and Hogan got along, the Flair-Bischoff fight, the Heyman-Gewirtz fight, Shawn’s relationship with Vince, Jeff Hardy’s diminishing interest in wrestling, Tommy Dreamer on the writing team, the original plans for John Cena at WrestleMania, Kevin Kelly, more on Nathan Jones, the rise of Benoit and Guerrero, how the plans came together at the last minute for Piper, who was considered for that spot, and the unbelievable stuff we saw Vince McMahon do in his match against Hulk Hogan. But most of all we discuss the unfortunate sendoff of “Stone Cold” as it’s the retirement match that nobody knew about.

Fire up the WWE Network and find Saturday Night’s Main Event from 1988 in the Vault to watch-along with Bruce Prichard providing alternate commentary over the final major event before WrestleMania IV!

The music, the graphics, the over-the-top characters — this is everything you loved about the WWF in the 1980s! Bruce and Conrad discuss Harley Race allegedly trying to set the WWF ring on fire and pulling a gun on Hulk Hogan before finally agreeing to join the company. You’ll learn about the injury sustained this night, the court case it created, why Hogan worked as a heel, why DiBiase worked with Savage here just a couple weeks before WrestleMania, a hilarious tidbit you’ve never heard about Andre the Giant, one heck of a prank on Ventura, who designed Bobby’s jackets and Brutus’s gear, what happened with the Killer Bees, why Tama was fired, where Bruce celebrated his birthday, what Vince thought of Nashville, and much more in a very special BONUS edition of Something to Wrestle!

Bruce Prichard addresses all of the “rumor and innuendo” about Shawn Michaels during two of the most controversial years in his career.

In today’s episode you’ll hear about THE ladder match that set the standard for all that followed, the Kliq riding together, how HHH joined the group, Shawn’s first WrestleMania world title match, what Shawn and Nash fought Vince about, the night Vince changed his mind about Shawn, why the Heartbreak Hotel was created, what personal problems Shawn had at the time, why Shawn and Nash didn’t drop the tag titles, whether or not Shawn was jealous of Nash’s title run, how Aldo Montoya came in, the crazy WrestleMania 11 press conference, all the Pamela Anderson talk you’d expect, the unbelievable curve ball Vince threw Shawn and Razor for the SummerSlam ladder match, and of course we address Dean Douglas, the Kliq “burying” a guy, the infamous meeting with Vince in Indianapolis, the Syracuse incident with Marines, Tell Me a Lie, and the collapse on Monday Night RAW. This episode is the Showstopper and your Friday Noon’s Main Event!

“The Heartbreak Kid” has been in singles action for about a year and as we start 1993, he’s the Intercontinental Champion who just headlined a Pay Per View for the World Title.

We address the rumors of what really happened when Shawn said he scuffed his face when he tripped in a parking lot, why Shawn’s matches always had the same finish, how he liked working with Backlund, the original plan for WrestleMania 9, why Sherri was out and Luna was in, a ref knocking his teeth out, why Shawn and Perfect didn’t click, a Vince McMahon rib on Howard Finkel, how Kevin Nash came in, when they started riding together and who joined them, the “weak chin” story Bruce has mentioned before, who Shawn looked up to, who named the Kevin Nash gimmick, how Nash’s look was decided and what it nearly was, the original thinking about King of the Ring, what Shawn thought of Owen, Shawn gaining weight, Scott Hall’s nickname for Shawn, the steroid suspension, Vince and Shawn’s relationship, the financial rumor no one talks about, “fraud” on the hotline, why Shawn was chosen for Lawler’s replacement at Survivor Series, what the hell was Reo Rodgers, Randy working with Shawn, various folks singing Shawn’s theme song, and more!