Pull your jeans up mommies! This week the mommies dive deeper into investigating crazy people on the internet. This lady pulls over a truck and starts spouting stuff about Jesus and the guy being dyslexic. What an insane position to be in. What would you do?Read More →

Tom Segura explains the current rankings of #SoberOctober to Christina P. Tom, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, and Bert Kreischer are participating in a challenge to remain sober during the month of October. They are wearing “fitness monitors” to determine how frequent their heart monitors spike during the entire month. Would you believe Joe is in last place? Although it’s a close race within a few hundred points, can you believe Rogan is in last place? How do you explain that? Shouldn’t he be leading the pack? Please comment with your best (conspiracy) theories below in the comment section!Read More →

Don’t forget to check out #TheDegenerates on #Netflix October 30th to support Mommy Tina! This week, the mommies start off strong with a burp trio clip, then transition into a call with Christine Hazel Decker who was the subject of one of YMH’s favorite all-time clips…Read More →

Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Tom Segura and Christina P. discuss the differences between the kind of feedback you get at a standup comedy show VS the feedback from the YouTube comment section. Christina makes a good point that comment cards are WAY easier to avoid than YouTube comment sections, while Ethan shares that YouTube’s algorithm makes it nearly impossible to avoid. Which method of feedback would you prefer?Read More →

Ethan and Hila Klein tell Tom Segura and Christina P. about how their YouTube channel got started. Did you know it took them 2 years to get 1k subscribers? The H3H3 channel has had humble beginnings and explosive growth, and Ethan and Hila are here to tell you how it happened… also a really funny tangent on the enigma that is Jeff Dunham’s career.Read More →

Such an amazing episode today. Before our guest join us, Tom and Christina have an interesting discussion on a man who pretended to be mentally disabled in order to fulfill some diaper fantasy with three random women. Is there any harm in that? Probably, yeah….Read More →

This week, Brendan Schaub (TFATK, Showtime, Bravo) joins Tom Segura and Christina P. for episode 464 of Your Mom’s House Podcast. Before Brendan joins, the mommies cover some very important topics. For example, is getting your scrum licked something that affects your sexual preference? What if there’s fingers? We read an email from a female fan who’s never seen her husband’s brown hole which is something that requires some immediate advice from Christina.Read More →

On this very special episode of Your Mom’s House Podcast with Tom Segura and Christina P, we cover some very important and controversial topics. Is shaming one’s body unacceptable or is it good practice? Tom says it helped him a lot to get and stay healthy. What do you think? Then, we find a really neat and cool thing the Dinka tribe do to get cows to lactate and dye their hair red. Try It Out guy would love it.Read More →

This episode was delayed due to Tom’s demanding movie star lifestyle, but don’t worry, it’s HOME HERE NOW. Christina had a THEYBY. She and Tom go over the huge upside of raising their child in a gender neutral world.Read More →