What really happened behind the scenes at WrestleMania VII? What was the backstory on the retirement match between “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. the Ultimate Warrior? What was up with the LA Coliseum move? WWF’s heel turn of Sgt. Slaughter. Oh and Donald Trump ringside??

What really happened when the WWF put on a legitimate shoot fighting tournament during the height of the Monday Night War? Find out!

Whatcha gonna do when Bruce takes you back to the days of the Mega Powers in the WWF? Hulk Hogan and Macho Man teamed up to become one of the biggest attractions in WWF history… only for the explosion of the Mega Powers to create a massive box office event as Hulk chased Macho for the coveted WWF Championship. Learn all about what REALLY happened behind the scenes.

Bruce Prichard takes us back to 1989 when “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes joined the WWF and rocked the polka dots. Plus, Bruce and Conrad Thompson talk WWE and more!