SOUND OFF 574 talks Jake Roberts on Joe Rogan’s podcast… why Survivor Series ended up being absolutely meaningless… more evidence of a new wrestling promotion with The Elite and two WWE stars said to be interested in jumping ship… the latest on AJ Styles’ WWE contract status, what he is asking for to stay and why he’s not going anywhere…Read More →

Steve Austin never worked a program with Jeff Jarrett during his time in WWE. In response to a listener question, Solomonster explains some of the different reasons why Stone Cold had no interest in working with Double J, including why he got so upset with Jarrett back in 1997.Read More →

James Ellsworth once said, “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance.” After being accused of sending explicit photos and videos to a minor on Snapchat, he may need more than just his hands to defend himself.Read More →

SOUND OFF 573 is an INSANELY packed show with thoughts on the death of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee… WWE SURVIVOR SERIES PREDICTIONS… thoughts on Nia Jax injuring Becky Lynch, the argument that criticizing Nia for what happened is sexist and how to build to a Rousey/Lynch main event at Wrestlemania… Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title and turns heel, and why it’s a positive thing… Mixed Match Challenge winners getting the #30 spots in the Royal Rumble and my pick to win… Starrcade 2018 airing on the WWE Network?… a FULL REVIEW of the NXT Takeover War Games show, one of the best WWE shows all year…Read More →

Gino Hernandez was a star on the rise before drugs got the better of him, or was there something else involved? Solomonster answers a listener question about whether he could have become a big star in the mid-80’s world of WWE.Read More →

Solomonster talks Becky Lynch being injured by Nia Jax and removed from the Survivor Series card, Nia’s poor history when it comes to hurting others, Charlotte now facing Ronda Rousey on Sunday and one silver lining in that the Wrestlemania main event for next year has now become clear.Read More →

Solomonster talks about a shocker on Smackdown with Daniel Bryan turning heel and ending AJ Styles’ year-long run with the WWE championship just five days before Survivor Series, his pending match with Brock Lesnar this Sunday and how Styles is likely to be involved.Read More →

Solomonster looks at the conclusion of Ultima Lucha Cuatro and wonders if we have seen the last of Lucha Underground, plus some insight from the executive producer of the show on a possible season five.Read More →