SOUND OFF 547 talks about why Backlash was trash and received the worst vote ratio of any Twitter poll we’ve ever done, plus listing all the other crappy finishes WWE could use for future matches between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura… what the stipulation for their next match might be… WWE using Jinder Mahal to get Roman Reigns cheered…

Bobby Lashley’s awkward interview on Raw professing his love for his sisters… the problem that isn’t going away with Bobby Roode… Seth Rollins starts an open challenge for the Intercontinental title and why it has surpassed the Universal title as the top belt on the Raw brand… why The Miz needs to win Money in the Bank… Rusev beats Daniel Bryan to qualify for MITB and you would think the sky is falling… heat on Big Cass for going off script, why it was a dumb thing for him to do and was he supposed to get Rusev’s spot in MITB?… The Iconics fall flat so far on the main roster… pitching an idea for Becky Lynch and her road to redemption at Summerslam… Shayna Baszler bullies Dakota Kai and sharing my own story about a cafeteria brawl with a bully in middle school… why Tomasso Ciampa is the best heel in all of wrestling right now… does Vince McMahon take the fans for granted?… which lower card WWE performers could leave for a few years and come back to be headliners?… is a WrestleMania return to Las Vegas all but a lock, and if so, when?… then ending with some words about my mother on this first Mother’s Day without her and a replay of last year’s Mother’s Day Madness segment.

SOUND OFF 546 has WWE BACKLASH PREDICTIONS and why it’s nut up or shutup time for Nakamura… at what point does Vince McMahon acknowledge the problem with Roman Reigns?… Chris Jericho returns to New Japan to bloody up Naito and Okada sets new records on his way to one more match with Kenny Omega… Kane wins the Republican primary for Mayor of Knox County by just 17 VOTES… why Hulk Hogan almost made his WWE return in Saudi Arabia and the other crazy names requested by the royal family…

Jim Ross addresses the rumor of WWE paying its female talent for the Greatest Royal Rumble even though they were not on the card and makes some ridiculous comments… Catrina’s lick of death comes to the NHL… thoughts on Seth Rollins being the man to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal title… has Wrestlemania lost a lot of its prestige in recent years?… the story of why Fit Finlay was fired years ago by WWE… is Bruce PRICHARD or Brother LOVE Hall of Fame bound?… recalling some of the most random wrestler cameos in movies… and BUY OR SELL on the match that failed to live up to the hype the most, Rock vs. John Cena at WM28 or AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura at WM34?

SOUND OFF 545 includes a full review of WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble from Saudi Arabia… thoughts on Nakamura’s new heel music… pitching an idea for the next Gargano vs. Ciampa match at Takeover in Chicago… remembering the WWE fan riots in Memphis and Little Rock in 1997… and Batista claims WWE has stopped talking to him, so why are they giving him the cold shoulder?

Solomonster reviews the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, featuring Titus O’Neil and perhaps the single greatest botch in history, the largest Royal Rumble match of all time, the problem with the finish to the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns match, one of the best finishes to a ladder match I’ve ever seen and the rumored cost of the deal WWE got with the Saudis.

SOUND OFF 544 talks about the death of Bruno Sammartino and five other notable names we lost this week… John Cena and Nikki Bella break off their engagement and why it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise… evaluating all of the Superstar Shakeup moves between Raw and Smackdown and which brand came out of it the winner… why Miz recruiting Big Cass as his heavy in a feud with Daniel Bryan could absolutely work… GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE PREDICTIONS for the Saudi Arabia show this Friday (I forgot to include my prediction for the 50-man Rumble match, which is Braun Strowman to win) and how many hours the show is expected to be… OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD as Superstar Billy Graham shoots on Ronda Rousey… the story behind Mark Henry threatening Shawn Michaels and being banished to Canada… why A.J. Lee will one day return to WWE… who has the old Stone Cold BMF walk on the current WWE roster?… how big was the Batista vs. Triple H match heading into Wrestlemania 21?… and BUY OR SELL on the better Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect match, Summerslam 91 or King of the Ring 93?

SOUND OFF 543 talks the Superstar Shakeup and pitches moves for Raw and Smackdown… the measles scare in New Orleans… Jerry Lawler has a different kind of stroke while having sex… Alberto El Patron fired from Impact Wrestling… thoughts on the Andre the Giant HBO documentary and why Hogan vs. Andre is still the biggest Mania match of all time… the loaded card for the Greatest Royal Rumble and the latest big name added to the show… Rusev replaced by Chris Jericho against The Undertaker and what it means for his WWE future… what the hell happened with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and his supposed new deal with WWE… Paige retires on Raw and is named General Manager on Smackdown… praise for Nutcracker Nakamura and why he needs to stay on Smackdown… why the Authors of Pain don’t need Paul Ellering and might just be a good fit with Roman Reigns… why Carmella cashing in MITB on Charlotte is fine and might actually have been the best move to make… why Bray Wyatt leading Sanity would be a bad idea… what to do with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn… and do some of the smaller 205 Live stars need to bulk up for people to take their offense seriously?

Solomonster is live from New Orleans with a full review for WrestleMania 34 with Brock Lesnar retaining his Universal title, Nakamura turning heel on AJ Styles, Undertaker returning to squash John Cena, Ronda Rousey having the best match of the night, Daniel Bryan’s triumphant return to the ring, Charlotte ending Asuka’s streak (and revealing the likely main event for next year’s Mania) and Braun Strowman winning the tag team titles with a child.  Plus, quick thoughts on a fantastic NXT Takeover show from 24 hours earlier.

Solomonster is back with Noah Mark and Bryan Blade from the Q93.3 studios in New Orleans for their WrestleMania 34 roundtable.  The boys run through the Mania card and give their predictions, plus NXT Takeover predictions, thoughts on some great speeches from a really long WWE Hall of Fame show and how to avoid similar problems in the future, new WWE Network programs include the return of the King of the Ring and Bruce Prichard’s podcast, why Conor McGregor deserves to go to jail and more.  This show is dedicated to Michele Solomon, my best friend and biggest fan.  Rest in peace, mom.

SOUND OFF 540 has a lot to say about Daniel Bryan being medically cleared to compete by WWE, what he had to promise in return, why teaming with Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania makes the most sense and how to get to Bryan and Miz at next year’s show… thoughts on Mark Henry going into the Hall of Fame and who should induct him, plus his latest comments about a possible Hulk Hogan return to WWE… how to watch the Greatest Royal Rumble from Saudi Arabia next month… the one segment from TV this week that’s done nearly 9 million views on WWE’s YouTube channel… the identity of the first challenger for Roman Reigns after Wrestlemania… lots of praise for THE ULTIMATE DELETION… Triple H comments on the status of AJ Styles’ injury heading into New Orleans… Bayley’s fiancé wins for Sad Tweet of the Week… why Adrian Adonis was fired from WWE in 1987… and my MATCH ORDER for all of the matches at WrestleMania 34, which is bound to rile some people up, and the stipulation that should be added to the Undertaker vs. John Cena match.

SOUND OFF 539 covers Wrestlemania returning to MetLife Stadium, rumors of Summerslam next year coming to an MLB stadium and suggesting some for them to use… Jeff Hardy’s DWI arrest and Reby Hardy does not mince words about what she thinks of Jeff’s behavior… Rey Mysterio signs with Aro Lucha and not WWE, and the crowdfunding effort allowing fans to buy a minority stake in the company… Kid Rock in the WWE Hall of Fame highlights an underwhelming class this year, but could point to an American Badass return… Roman Reigns calls Brock Lesnar “Vince McMahon’s boy” and starts his comedy career on a high note… Jon Bravo’s big reveal on Roman Reigns predictably fails… WWE announces, then ditches the Fabulous Moolah name for their Wrestlemania women’s battle royal in a spectacular PR blunder… going through the current card for Wrestlemania and why, on paper, it looks pretty damn good right now… suggesting RUSEV as Shane McMahon’s partner if there is a tag match with Owens and Zayn at Mania… and is Alexa Bliss overrated?