Zahabi’s Pass Prevention Favourites

In this video Coach Zahabi demonstrates some of his favourite pass prevention techniques. Learn to never carry the top mans weight and always control the distance. Learn the “Snare Trap” Coach Zahabi favourite pass prevention technique! The Snare Trap allows you not only to very easily re-guard but it will also allow you to easily flow into leg locks. Learn the key concepts coach Zahabi uses and make you guard incredibly hard to pass. When on the bottom in Jiu-Jitsu it no fun being “smashed passed” carrying all your partners weight and being suffocated by their weight, that’s why Coach demonstrates the “Double Hooks” and the “Blockade” to make sure you don’t get “smashed passed” again.

This video runs for a little over 40 min but is the equivalent of what you would learn in a 3 hours seminar! Coach loves to get straight to the point with zero fluff or stalling. You will waist zero minutes watching this video. Every single minute in this video is educational. Get your notepad out, watch the sequences a number of times get to the mats and drill and watch your Guard pass prevention improve dramatically! This video is intended for coloured belts. While this video does include a few basic techniques it also has advanced techniques that maybe to complex for white belts.

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  2. The description contains the word Zahabi 7 times, someone has made a good name XD

  3. in the thumbnail the mats looked like a swimming pool. It was perplexing

  4. Your RDLR instructional was amazing. Definitely buying this one too. Great stuff Coach keep these coming!

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