Your Mom's House Podcast – Ep. 488 w/ Bert Kreischer

Woah Mommies, it’s a very special week so pull those jeans up. This week we have the fattest working comedian currently alive today. When will he die? The Mommies discuss before Bart’s arrival. Plus, did you know it’s SHART WEEK!?

Bert Kreischer arrives with all the hate in his big, over-sized heart. There is a debate about who the true Tour Bus Champ really is, plus we see never before seen clips from Brad’s NETFLIX special. Do you know what a Mississippi Wet Wipe is? What’s the worst smelling part of Brent’s body? All these questions are answered, plus some new Sober October plans for the coming festivities.


  1. Dude! They are just doing constant “Bits” on each other! Bert is a good goofy comic! Stop the hate! Don’t abuse Bert!

  2. Saw you in CLE Jeans. Your new stuff is fire! Made laugh tears come out

  3. I needs to see that footage of bert seeing Terry 😂

  4. Bert reppin the 416! Being from Toronto, I always get happy when I see a reference to the city for some dumbass reason 🤗

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