WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Full Show Review | KOFI KINGSTON’S BIG NIGHT!

Solomonster reviews WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 from Houston, TX, with Kofi Kingston challenging for the WWE title as part of an Elimination Chamber match in the biggest match of his life, new Women’s tag team champions crowned and a violent appearance by Becky Lynch.


  1. If Bray Wyatt and Harper reunite to help Braun fight then I'd say I'm up for it. Those guys worked well together

  2. This was a great chamber ppv in a while to me easy 8/10 show to me even the cruiserweights delivered on the kickoff to.

  3. After tonight, at least on the SmackDown side of things, the matches seem to be:
    Miz vs. Shane McMahon, No Holds Barred
    AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton
    Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy
    R-Truth vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev for the US Title
    Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston (New Day in his corner) for the WWE Title

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