WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Full Show Review | KOFI KINGSTON’S BIG NIGHT!

Solomonster reviews WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 from Houston, TX, with Kofi Kingston challenging for the WWE title as part of an Elimination Chamber match in the biggest match of his life, new Women’s tag team champions crowned and a violent appearance by Becky Lynch.


  1. Why do we have to hang on everything that Mark Henry says? 😡

  2. Kofi Kingston in this match reminded me a lot of Christian in 2011. A long-time veteran, well-liked by the fans, finally getting his shot. I hope that Kofi gets a run with the title after 'Mania, even if it's only for a month.

  3. I really am sick of Baron at this point. I feel like we've seen that beat down angle like 1000 times now. Drew needs to get out of that storyline as quick as possible.

  4. Looks like Ronda is gonna need stitches after being hit with that crutch on the side of her head.

  5. There is no opponent for Bryan at Mania other than Kofi that sounds nearly as appealing to me from a storyline perspective at this moment. Not only is Kofi the underdog that Ali would have been, but he's also the veteran who people see as being overlooked and undervalued. The New Day also represent a lot of what Bryan hates about consumerism, so they'd have that to work with.

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