Why Lowriders and Backyard Burgers Define East L.A.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has minted stars in the burger world. But for many natives, it’s the homegrown, backyard burger traditions that keep the burger scene here alive and well. Just ask Alvin, whose childhood growing up in East L.A. is filled with memories of grilling burgers on Sundays and watching the area’s famous lowrider clubs cruise the boulevard. Today, he’s linking up with Together Car Club to talk shop about the communal power of backyard burgers and why lowriders and grilling go hand-in-hand.


  1. Son you need to go fast. And I mean run fast. Before your heart hits that emergency brake. And you don't need hydraulics and airbags to low ride car. Making backyard hamburgers is heaven? Well. You will be seeing hell instead Mr. Gluttony. This entire video is like watching blood in blood out smh.

  2. My wife told me you looked like a Filipino, I said nah, you confirmed it. WTF bruh?

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