UFC 235 Jones vs Smith, Fury vs Wilder Rematch In Trouble – BELOW THE BELT #121

Brendan breaks down/makes picks for UFC 235 Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith and recaps UFC Fight Night Santos vs Blachowicz and Bellator’s Gallagher vs Graham. Also, breaking MMA & boxing news, George St-Pierre’s retirement and legacy, Tyson Fury’s rematch with Deontay Wilder in jeopardy, Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier 2 for an interim flyweight title, Stylebender vs Gastelum for an interim middleweight title, Brendan’s solution to the 155lb drama by adding 165 lb division and more. Also, Spider-man rental at Tiger’s birthday, 2019 Oscars, fan questions and much more.


  1. Shit I'm in Wisconsin we got 6 ft of snow 8 to 19ft of drifts !! 50 below 0 with wind chill!! Don't tell me about your 55 degree cold days in California!

  2. Seeing Brendan repeat the same thing while explaining the Spider-Man story makes me realize the CTE is kicking in

  3. This dude has a sick level of success if you think about it!… He played in the fuckin NFL…Thats Huge. He fought in The UFC. Is a professional and successful comedian. Has a hit podcast. He is successful as FUCK BRUH!..FEARLESS

  4. Wtf Schaub? You jumped off "your boy" Wilder's bandwagon awful quick, huh? This dude's such a fucking tool. He's never really had anything bad about Fury to say and has always said he was a fan but before their fight Brendan was all over Wilder's nuts. He had such a hard on for the dude and on multiple occasions even claimed they were personal friends and shit but now all of a sudden Fury is your favorite fighter?! Dammit Brendan, you fair weathered bitch..

  5. Brendan actually thinks Joshua the guy that has 3 Belts making 30 Million a fight in just 23 fights has made lots of mistakes.

    but Wilder a guy 40 fights deep has 1 belt and who's biggest payday is 4 Million has a smart team around him.

    Brendan just admits your a PBC shill mouthpiece for Al Haymon and Finkel.

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