Top 15 WCW Matches | Sid Destroys Pillman In War Games (WrestleWar 91)

In this SOUND OFF RETRO clip from episode 414 (12/20/2015), Solomonster begins his countdown of the Top 15 Matches in WCW History from the Turner era. These matches are NOT in ranked order. Up first is the War Games match from Wrestle War 1991 pitting Sting, Brian Pillman and The Steiner Brothers vs. Ric Flair, Sid Vicious, Barry Windham and Larry Zbyszko.


  1. NWA/WCW was the Best and wargames was one of the most brutalist matches ever Miss WCW so much not like the crap we have to watch today

  2. Listened to the first 30 seconds that said we’d be counting down til the 15th year anniversary of the death of WCW. Did some quick math…was very confused.

    Then I read the description.

  3. I could imagine the moments when wrestlers would come to the realization that Sid was psycho.

  4. Yes! For some reason Trax took this clip off his channel and I missed this particular clip from the WCW Countdown.

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