Top 10 Fastest Trains In The World 2017

#10 Talgo 350 HSR
Operator: Renfe (Spain)
Credits: todo trenes ESPAÑA

#9 Italo AGV
Operator: NTV (Italy)
Credits: Ferrovie.Info

#8 Siemens Velaro AVE S-103
Operator: Renfe (Spain)
Credits: sebas sanchez, gyapy1, MaximBosley

#7 Frecciarossa 1000
Operator: Trenitalia (Italy)
Credits: Mikhail@Novgorod

#6 HEMU-430X
Operator: Korail (South Korea)
Credits: Dynamic, 김민기, Byeongseon Park

#5 CRH380A
Operator: Chinese Ministry of Railways (China)
Credits:, 許皓翔, barca399

#4 Transrapid 09
Operator: Germany
Credits: neuromancer2005

#3 Shanghai Maglev
Operator: Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development (China)
Credits: Luke Starkenburg

#2 TGV
Operator: SNCF (France)
Credits: Charpentier Lucas

#1 L0 Series SCMaglev
Operator: JR Central (Japan)
Credits: ulaelable, BBC News


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