The Quest for the Ultimate Patty Melt | The Burger Show

Is the patty melt a burger or a sandwich? It’s a debate that holds a different meaning in SoCal, where the patty melt was born. To pay tribute to this underrated burger, Alvin is linking up with patty melt legend, chef Christian Page, to scout the best of what L.A. has to offer. From eating the historical patty melt at the famous diner, Du-pars, to sampling the new-school version at Cassell’s—which chef David Chang crowned as “best in class”—get ready for Alvin’s quest to find the ultimate patty melt.

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  1. I guess it's a burguer. if you say "it's a sandwich" that implies the bread defines what a burguer is, and it's the meat not the bread that makes it a burger.

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