The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 436


  1. space is santa claus for adults and you all to ashamed to admit how silly you were to have gone along with it for so long, you would rather continue living a lie than face facts. every thing you've ever read or watched, every documentary, every paper is nothing but FAN FICTION.

    cant comprehend how people working for nasa and other agencies are lying to you? they aren't, its not them, they are in the same shoes you are, you don't need to know your a part of a problem, to be part of the problem. All it takes is a few employees all sworn in, this is who their employees take information from and double check their numbers. its the same setup in the military, any top echelon business with trade secrets agreements. it's compartmentalized. Same if the CIA/FBI wanted to stage a mass shooting, 20-50 people actually know whats going on out of a 1000, the first responders to these situations respond to it as the real deal AS THEY SHOULD AS THEY ARE FIRST RESPONDERS.

    they don't need to know shit for it to work.

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