The Cult of the Jersey Diner Burger, with Padma Lakshmi | The Burger Show

In Northern New Jersey, sliders reign supreme. The tiny, 1oz patties smashed thin on a griddle, smothered with onions, and placed between steamed buns are a regional speciality that have been perfected at the Jersey City landmark, White Mana.

The history alone is worth the trip, which is why host Alvin Cailan invited Top Chef judge/host and fellow burger burger fanatic, Padma Lakshmi, to soak up some Jersey lore. Get to know the diner’s ties to 1939 World’s Fair, as well as its surprising connection to heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, from longtime owner Mario Costa. This is a piece of burger mythology you don’t want to miss.


  1. my city!!!!!!!!!!!! I love white mana its one of the best easily! AND I remember boxing there in that gym! holy crap. Their cheese fries are also some of the best shit ever too, I get a lot of guilty pleasure from them cheeeeeese fries cause the fries get drenched in a ton of melted cheese.

  2. I like a thicker patty, I like my burger rare and juicy with lettuce and tomato.

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