STW #143: The Undertaker 2004-2006


  1. Rasslin!!!! I've been in Bruce Prichard territory for the last 2 days. I know i saw Bruce walk across the window while i was breaking a sweat at an Anytime Fitness in Houston. Got my load for the weekend. Picked up in Houston,Tx Going to Wrestlemania 3 country, Pontiac, Mi. Everytime i drive my semi tractor thru Pontiac, I see the leftovers of the silverdome.

  2. Say what you will but this second run Undertaker really came on and had a good run IMO. His matches with Angle and Shawn Michaels and Edge and even Batista were solid

  3. When is a new season of something else to wrestle with coming on the network

  4. 2004-2006 Undertaker was one of my favorite versions, it was a lot more realistic than the previous one's. It was also my first introduction to him as a kid.

    @D. Page  Um… I didn't say 04-06 was my favorite. I said it's "one of my favorites". Nor did I say it was the best. '99 Ministry Undertaker with the goatee is my favorite.

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