STW #142: No Way Out 2004

Relive one of Bruce Prichard’s favorite memories of his entire career, the night Eddie Guerrero won the World Title! Find out when the decision was made to “go with Eddie” and how the creative got us there. Bruce explains the challenge of the timing with this show being just three weeks after the Royal Rumble, why Goldberg was involved, the situation with Brock’s much-talked-about airplane, the legendary skits with Eddie and Brock to build to this match, the reaction backstage to the match, and so much more! Let’s celebrate of the greatest of all time today, EDDIE GUERRERO!


  1. The only world title win that has made me drop a couple of tears was in this event,…..Viva la Raza in heaven!!

  2. Inspirational, proved that if you have the will power you can conquer all obstacles life throws at you.

  3. Waiting for that Eddie Guerrero Episode guys. Hint hint wink wink. 😉😉😉

  4. Even after all this time it's still really sad to hear stories about Eddie. I'm so glad that Vince decided to put the belt on Eddie. If there was anyone that deserved the title it was Eddie. He could out wrestle most of the locker room in his sleep. RIP Eddie, You will NEVER be forgotten!!!

  5. This was a good time in the E IMO. Eddie and Benoit for years were always on the cusp. Brock got pushed and rightfully so based on his ncaa lineage and trips of course had his year long run. I remember watching wm 20 and that ending of Eddie and Benoit was such a great moment it felt special for both guys and it translated on screen at least IMO it did

  6. Orale!!!! I'll be driving my semi tractor this weekend. Got my load from Midland, Mi going to Des Moines, IA. I'm not sure which rassler is from round Des Moines but i will be driving thru RVD country. That would be Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Michigan. Gonna listen to this STRWBP while i drive my semi tractor.

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