STW #141: St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Bruce and Conrad discuss the business, build up and brutality of the 1999 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre PPV.

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard is an audio podcast that discusses topics, events, wrestlers and memorable moments through the lens of former WWE executive Bruce Prichard co-hosted by Conrad Thompson.

The show was launched in August 2016 on MLW Radio. The episodes typically range from 2 hours to 4 hours in length, and include discussions about previous WWE pay-per-views and former WWE wrestlers.


  1. The Pryramid was a bad venue I agree. Saw Metallica and Corrosion of Conformity there and the acoustics were terrible terrible

  2. You just knew Bruce has been loving the return of "With my baby toni-ight" recently 😊

  3. Concerning the Super Bowl ad pushback—These religious zealots who feel they must impose their morals on everyone else are just self-righteous bitter old prudes who are looking to control other people for their own gratification. Deep down, they don't care one way or another—they just want to tell other people what to do, all while cloaked in a false sense of morality. I CAN RUN MY OWN LIFE THANKYOUVERYMUCH!!!

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