Stipe Miocic wants rematch vs. Daniel Cormier in April

Former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic joins Ariel Helwani on his MMA show and says Francis Ngannou won the fight and knocked out Cain Velasquez, despite Velasquez’s knee injury. Miocic says there’s no match to make in the heavyweight division that is better than Miocic vs. heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Miocic says he offered to fight Cormier at Madison Square Garden but Cormier opted to fight Derrick Lewis. Miocic says Cormier owes him a rematch because he didn’t have to take the fight. He says he’s waiting to fight Cormier and wouldn’t take a Ngannou rematch until he does but he hopes Brock Lesnar doesn’t show up for the Cormier fight. He says he thinks of his fight with Cormier “all the time” but has never watched it. He believes he’ll fight Cormier next.


  1. Is Ariel kind of mocking Stipe? The Cleveland attitude, there is always next year, always smiling, you think you are going to fight for the belt next…. lol wtf?

  2. He didn't give Fabricio a rematch after catching him on a lucky shot

  3. DC only fought Lewis cause he was scared of Stipe…almost as much as he is scared of Jones haha! DC is the greatest of all time, at making up excuses and dodging fights lol!
    The only person DC can beat out of potential matches is Lesnar!

  4. When you lose everything you work for you chase it to get it back, get salty and pissed off. This man deserves a shot at the title

  5. Stipe should stop caring about fighting DC and just campaign for a title shot! If DC has the title then…

  6. IMO anyone who has won 3 consecutive titles or more (so the initial win and at least two successful defenses) should get either an immediate rematch, or be able to sit out if the new champ fights someone else first. (which isnt bad, if youve trained for 3 or more 5 round fights in a row, taking an extra few months off might be needed.

    Obviously the title shots don't follow some model so the UFC can do whatever is good for business, but when you think about how hard it is to win a title (no interim crap) anyone who has multiple defenses in a row deserves one of those two options I laid out.

    Disclaimer, I dont care about DC or Stipe, this is my opinion in general.

  7. Stipe should have been the one that was fighting Derrick Lewis instead of DC at UFC230.. If he won, he would have had way more weight behind his reasons for a ReMatch/TitleShot against DC.

  8. You gotta fight bro, you gotta get relevant… AND get your name up

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