Rocky vs. Rambo | King and the Sting w/ Theo Von & Brendan Schaub #10

The boys rip on Joe Rogan’s drip and talk fashion from the Oscars, sober boning, white face, cholo brows, advice on picking up girls, grenade hoppers, risky biscuits, pets with social media accounts, joke my smoke fan submissions, a special start my heart tribute to the great Brody Stevens and much more.


  1. Damn we're early to this bitch. Brenda straight up looking like an even gayer Freddie Mercury .

  2. Nice shirt Brendan. Is that from the new Gucci Bukkake collection?

  3. Last episode yall said that new episodes weren't going to air until Thursdays instead of Wednesday. It was def a nice little treat when I just got the notification that the new episode just came out tonight.

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