Patrick Dempsey and Jay Leno Hit The Track in a Porsche 911 RS


  1. Anytime Jay wears a helmet, it makes me think that he looks like a literal baby. not necessarily a "chicken" kind of baby, but the checks stick out and it's like GOO GOOO

  2. For the technically-minded 1%, Rear Axle Steering does not affect over- or under-steer. Nor is it used like earlier designs to make parking easier. Porsche RAS is used to create the effect of a shorter wheelbase at low speeds making the car turn more quickly in tight curves, and then as you go faster it transitions into the effect of a longer wheelbase making the car much more stable at high speeds. So the new RS is bigger but turns in tight as if it were smaller than the original RS. Amazing!

  3. nice cars. i'd love to drive one. ridden in the semi existent back seat of a regular 911, but never driven one.

  4. jays face in that helmet is GOLD. something out of south park

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