NEW JAPAN: Jay White Wins The IWGP Heavyweight Title

Hiroshi Tanahashi’s latest reign as IWGP champion came to an end in his very first title defense. Solomonster talks about the match, the radio contest for Wrestlemania tickets that got Jay White back into wrestling, who may challenge him for the title at MSG and Kota Ibushi’s new contract with NJPW.


  1. I like the idea with Omega a lot, but realistically, I do believe it'll be Jericho (if there's a lights out or run in) at MSG. I feel it should be Okada, because the American crowd, The Rainmaker would be more over and would pad his legacy to headline an MSG event. Y2J does the spot to cost him the match, White retains, we'll have Okda/Jericho to look forward to as well as potentially Ibushi/White later in the year as well.

    As far as Jay being IWGP champ goes, I think it's an experiment run (similar to Jindar's WWE title run). I'll always support a new face winning a championship (disambiguation; not face as in "baby face"; face as in a singular individual), so long as the run is portrayed with emphasis on making the star appear bigger than any other champion before – but susceptible to "losing the strap" in every title defense they're booked in (IE, he came so close to losing the title but retained). <– that way, it's booking psychology that's more engaging with the NJPW audience, so when the time does come for him to drop the belt, it catches EVERYONE off guard.

  2. Remember when Okada beat Tanahashi for the Heavy belt on his first try? It took a long time to make him as the Rainmaker we know now.

    Same thing with White, except he's under more pressure to do better.

  3. Kind of sad that NJPW never wanted to put the belt back on Tanahashi in the first place.

  4. Well, that's the most generic name I've read in a while.
    If we book a match like Jay White vs Oliver John it sounds like something we put on the dark match spot.

  5. Why the fuck is Jay White who is a boring generic create a wrestler holding such a prestigious title like the IWGP world title. Some people make me fucking laugh at how they think anyone can hold a world title. Listen up people, guys like Kofi, Miz, Rusev, Mustafa Ali, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Andrade, Baron Corbin, Jay White, Cody Rhodes, Hangman Page, Velveteen Dream and Braun Strowman are not and never will be main eventers, they are all mid carders.

  6. Jay white as IWGP champion is ridiculous. He was bumping around in young boy gear not even 5 years ago. And he's not even anything special. The dude looks 16 years old.

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