Joe Rogan Experience #1254 – Dr. Phil


  1. I wasn't expecting Dr.Phil to talk about the medical drug addiction crisis we are facing in todays generation. This was a damn good podcast and hope others show people thinking about taking pills instead of dealing with their problems first.

  2. I know he probably wouldn’t be able to but seeing Kanye west on this show would be really great.

  3. Fucking dr phill giving me an existential crisis about my grind of a life at the end there. Shit i need a new hobby i dont like games anymore.

  4. I've been a live 23 years and all this time I thought Dr. Phil was a psychiatrist…. He's not an MD at all, wtf!!!

  5. What Joe said about the mind set of a UFC fighter is no different to anything us comments section people couldn't have told ol' Phil. I'd prefer hear that from Brendan.

  6. Dr. Phil is RIGHT ON! People go to the Dr., get pills, take pills, get addicted, get cut off, and have no choice but to get it off the streets!! Once someone is addicted it takes that freedom of choice away from those addicted, and it’s NOT the addicts fault! Yet this problem is being created legally and supported by the government (FDA) and then it veers the addicts the black market, and gets them caught up in the legal system and screws their life’s up, and it effects everyone in that persons life!! The GOVERNMENT CREATED THIS Chaos and they are benefiting from it on many levels: Pharmasuticals, Rehab’s, funerals, and worst of all: prisons and jails that are for profit are full, and court rooms are full over this, so the GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED A MONSTER THIS WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN THE LIKES OF, and to fix it they HAVE TO decriminalize all drugs that’s the only fair thing to do and the right thing Adickes aren’t bad people if a person is a bad person they’re going to do bad things regardless and yes bad people there are attics do worse things then then probably normally would but that doesn’t mean all attics are bad people it just means we have a severe problem in America an epidemic end it needs to be squashed by decriminalizing all drugs the government created this monster and now they need to step up and take responsibility decriminalize it let everyone on nonviolent drug related charges out of prison and give them the help they need look at Switzerland people can go there three times a day and get injected by a doctor with medical grade heroin and I’m sure there’s many other programs out in different countries like Portugal for example they have decriminalized all drugs and everything from crime and disease and their jail and prison population has totally flatlined America needs to wake up stop taking money from pharmaceutical companies and allowing these crooked ass cops to pick on Those who are addicted to drugs I’m glad Dr. Phil is on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about this but now it’s time to step up and take action nobody should be sitting in jail right now for a possession charge end of story!

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