Interim Title? No, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson Next

UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov told a Russian media outlet that not only is he no longer fighting in Nevada after dealing with their out of control athletic commission, but that he might be on ice long enough for the UFC to create an interim title.

He believes if that happens, former interim champ Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier should fight for it. While a Ferguson vs. Poirier fight is a dream come true, it’s not what the division or sport of mixed martial arts. It needs Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson.


  1. If I was Tony I'd say yes beat Dustin or whoever ass and when they put that title around my waist I'd take it off and drop it and say f@$& the ufc.

  2. Why negotiate the PSA with the Commission if he wasn't going to do it?? Khabibs lawyer negotiated the PSA so Khabib should've just said "no" then and there.

    Sitting out till November is a joke when he could come back as soon as April or July or even August.

  3. Tony Ferguson is a 2/3 round formality for Khabib, just another name that will be added to khabib's long victim list. Let me know when that GSP vs Khabib will go down, that's what I wanna see.

  4. Great vid Luke! Tony totally deserves the fight and it's the fight we as fans want. It's the most exciting fight out there in my opinion.

  5. Let's please all cut out this "styles make fights" line…it's as obvious and gratuitous as saying something like "playcalling and execution makes football games"…so many repetitive talking points in MMA right now…

  6. Enough! The interim title nonsense is out of control!
    Unless of course UFC actually wants to make ALL belts mean absolutely nothing… if that's the case then go ahead lol

  7. What so tony has to wait 7 months for khabib? Interim title is fine. Why not let tony earn some more money.

  8. If Khabib's gonna be out as long as he says he is then strip him, Tony and Dustin can fight for the undisputed title and Khabib can come back and face the winner.

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