Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic, Michael Page | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show Ep. 34

Join Ariel Helwani for Episode 34 of his MMA show where Ariel recaps a wild weekend and speaks with guests: (11:09) Vicente Luque, (29:10) Scott Coker, (48:25) Stipe Miocic, (1:04:30) Audie Attar, (1:22:25) Francis Ngannou, (2:28:03) Michael Page, (1:51:35) Aljamain Sterling, (2:11:30) Rose Namajunas, (2:41:40) Santiago Ponzinibbio and (2:53:40) Jimmy Crute.


  1. Santiago Ponzinibbio is going to Knock RDA out and then Knock the fuck out of Woodley for the belt in late 2019

  2. I see Stepe Miocic's future going just like Luke Rockhold… Luke lost his title to Bisping and he wanted a rematch for title…that never that whole process of waiting for title and bitching about UFC he lost his fighting spirit and later he realized UFC would never offer him a title fight…he accepted fight nights and lost them too…the fight spirit die's sooner than expected…. Fan's have short memory and forget the past champions…they need something new and entertaining…UFC is a Business and NOT an Olympic sport..there is not logic applied..there is no seniority…UFC rankings have no meaning its purely viewers numbers and money game.. Miocic is healthy and injury free…he as to make a case for title fight by taking other fights and get the KO's and UFC will beg to offer him a title fight….message to Stepe "Stop thinking like a community fire fighter.. there is no sympathy in business..forget you were a champion…just like you forgot that you put the fire down last month…and waiting to put down a new fire… forget that you are a current champion….you have to start off fresh to be a new are already forgotten champ in Heavy weight…Its just been couple of months since you lost your title.. there are already new interesting names in heavy weight ahead of you… here is the list DC, Brock, big popeyes Derek lewis, ngannou… and ofcourse Jon Jones…" .. get a non title fight and get the fighting spirit rolling and make a case….ahead of those names.. we all fan are waiting to see you back in the octagon …thanks a loving Fan

  3. Audie Attar is such a professional. Makes Ali look like a total fraud.

  4. paul daley is such a mental midget….blaming everyone but himself 4 fighting like a b.tch….booing fitch for grinding/wrestle a decision and than doing the exact same thing to MVP

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