1. I can always appreciate when successful people such as these social influencers talk about their real life come up and how they were at a point in life where what they have now was once a dream that was too far to reach and yet they were able to make it happen. Sometimes people like myself need to be reminded that these successful and famous people are human like us and were once struggling to make their dreams and goals come true. This helps me realize more and more that my goals and dreams are possible and that even I can make my desires come true.

  2. Most relevant podcast I've seen in a long time! Keep up the great work!

  3. Wonder what you guys know that we/i don't know im soo curious it kills me my adress is 2278 blv.St-jospeh drummomdville Canada!

  4. Notice spencer didn’t say much cause we all know he totally thinks context is a dead idea from generations past. Jack ass.

  5. Tbh I like everyone but logan on this podcast. He just looks like he is analyzing every word these guys are saying just waiting for a mistake rather then just enjoying the moment.

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