Cain Velasquez, 'I'm Good Enough to Beat Jon Jones' | TMZ Sports

Cain Velasquez, ‘I’m Good Enough to Beat Jon Jones’

He hasn’t fought since 2016 … but Cain Velasquez says he’s still a BEAST in the octagon — and after he runs through Francis Ngannou, he’s confident he could take Jon Jones.


  1. Cain was the only fighter i liked from AKA. In fact, he was my favorite in the whole roster. But right after he said Miocic doesn’t deserve the rematch, I lost that respect for him.

  2. Is that even a question??? LMFAO…No doubt about it…See Level Cain is good enough to beat anybody in the world.

  3. Cain you can’t fight DC’s battles . Because he can’t beat Jones so you wanna fight Cain? Y’all sick tell dc he has to fight Jones .

  4. Cain Velasquez would eat Jon Jones alive Cain is to strong look how he manhandled Brock Lesnar think what he would do to skinny Jon Jones as well Cain Velasquez ain't only strong that dude can fight

  5. First you have to be champion in the heavy weight division which you are not. Are you even relevant anymore?

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