Bob’s Burgers Taste-Test with H. Jon Benjamin

Millions of us have fallen in love with Bob’s Burgers, the heartwarming cartoon series that chronicles the life of Bob Belcher and his family-run burger joint. For chefs like Alvin Cailan, many parts of Bob’s life resonate with his own experience running a kitchen. Which is why Alvin was so excited to meet the man who voices Bob—H. Jon Benjamin—and cook burgers from the show IRL for the season finale of The Burger Show. If you want to taste burgers made on The Burger Show, check out the last night of Alvin’s burger pop-up, March 13th, at the Nolitan Hotel in NYC.


  1. I like how we got a mix of Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer when H. Jon Benjamin did the apology for taking credit on Greed is Gouda Burger with that drink. Love it!

  2. The chef didn't know that the Belcher family were originally portrayed as cannibals. That is also the premise for the first show…Louise tells her class in show n tell that her family's restaurant serves burgers made from human meat. We also meet Hugo and Ron for the first time.

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