Bertcast # 332 – Greg Fitzsimmons, Alison Rosen


  1. Shame on Bert and Greg for going into sexual creep mode and talking about oral. She is sitting there by herself and this of course makes her uncomfortable. She is married and pregnant and you guys just can't help but talk sex trash. Next time, have sex with your spouses and get it out of your system so you can have a polite dialog with a person of the opposite sex without perving out.

  2. i know its douchey to comment on Alison's body, but if hinchcliff walked in with an extra 30kg(60lbs) i would want to comment on his body too.

  3. Greg talking about the irish liberals getting up in arms about other irish shifting opinion-is identity politics and exactly what got us to this sad politcal state. Greg saying its because they go to these florida communities and collude- Maybe older people have a change in perspective because they are closer to dying and leaving this world, we are use to being fixers,proactive humans- they feel a purpose to preserve whats left of whats familiar and good about the culture they grew up in, they want values instilled, they want sensible strong policy,yet theyre still flawed because theyre so embedded in the two party system they depend on championing and idolizing trump because hes was the only one addressing clear issues with the system. Its always been the lesser of two evils. I dont think putting the blame on conservative irish is right.

  4. Bert the toilet condoms you described are a thing, they're used for camping toilets. Google "reliance double doodie bags"

  5. Wait!!!!!!!! Bert is actually bitching about someone because they wore shoes? I mean even if they weren't cool cheap dollar store brand shoes,,,,, AT LEAST SHES WEARING FUCKING SHOES MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gotta love, Carolla. Tossing a pregnant woman off his show, so he wouldn't have to offer healthcare for her kids.

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