Benefits of fasting, nutrition, supplements & nootropics


  1. Coach I have an idea as to why you’re having trouble going hard without carbs. Here me out, I’m a lover of food, chef at Cheesecake Factory for a long stretch. I tried all the fad diets for weight loss, researched then implemented. I worked out a ton too. 2-4 hours at first. I successfully lost weight and injured myself of course. But in that journey I learned something about metabolism. If you’re an athlete, you should definitely do keto for an extended period of time. There are 2 enormously powerful adaptations I stumbled into. Being able not only to access your fat stores, but do it well. As well as get your body good at turning protein and fat into glycogen. You do NOT need carbs to be explosive. It takes time to process. I sprint on a bike and on the trail. I fucking promise you. What do you need for evidence?

  2. 5 days???That's heavy…I fast only during Ramadan…Thanks coach for the knowledge

  3. Just because your bloodwork is “ok” doesn’t take into account the whole person’s health. The brain needs sugar. Period. Blood sugar drops too low during fasting and stresses out the organs. Fasting is first world bullshit

  4. Firas you said we eat too much and cited the vast amount of obese people. All that means is that obese people need to stop eating as much. A thin athletic person should be fine then, no? Otherwise bringing up random obese people doesn’t help the argument.

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