1. I absolutely got mad love for Mike, how could anybody not like Mike? If you don't your a douchebag end of story. A person at least 35 yrs old and up n American you have no excuse to not have heard of him. For god's sake the 1st Nintendo had a popular game, TKO punch out n the last level you had to beat Mike to beat the game. Ever since I seen him on JRE n found out he had a podcast I was happy as hell lol. Then I looked up every video I could find on him to remember and see him from the 80s till present day. I was born in 81 so I remember my whole family, shit my whole neighborhood n across all of Philly everybody was talking about him after ordering his fights on pay per view or whatever was on TV, his whole career/personal life. What I didn't know was how young he really was when he became champ, dam. He was just a kid for real and then after seeing how he had so much happen to him at such n the hardships on top of being taken advantage of, it's undeniably painful, real n raw emotion to see in his eyes when he speaks about it. So happy to see Mike in a good place. He's been through the unthinkable n sits here n the honesty that anybody who's ever been through the sufferring of the human experience can relate to Mike. God bless him n his family.

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