The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 431


  1. Brandon shawn is the type of guy to fuck a married man and then wear his wife's bathrobe while he applies icy hot to his anus.

  2. The MAGA country part sounds HOLLYWOOD AS FUCK. That’s the term you’re looking for guys.

  3. Why the fuck would you jump in for some stupid bitch you don't know. Don't be idiot white knights

  4. You guys are so stupid.. lol…
    He's probably not from Chicago.. so he doesn't exactly know where he is or where he got mugged.. That doesn't mean that he's making it up.. dummies

  5. 3:30 that's a dude who got drunk and tried to fight someone and got his ass beat. he lied and said that it was some racists so that he wouldnt lose his job. edit- Lee and jussie made of this stupid story to get more people to watch empire

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