The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #649 – Agostino Zoida


  1. Joey time to make our own stars stay stoned my friend king of random has a vid on how to make gummies just ad thc and its stars time

  2. Hey mr diaz , i know probably wont read this but im a 19 year old kid from iran whose dream is to persue comedy in the states . I wish i could see you some day in future , save me an spot 😁

  3. Uncle Joey zoning out with that open bass mouth. Making me wanna throw a hook into that bottom lip and reel in a tuna! As for Lee… well, i dont fish for turtles. But hell, he'd make a pretty good turtle fly soup. Lol thanks to the podcast and the church family for huge laughs and life knowledge. At times being the small dose of therapy i needa hear. Keep feeding the monkeys cocksuckas!

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