The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #647 – Sam Tripoli


  1. Joey keeps proving he’s a stand up guy, not knowing your bro’s girl proves your true man. Why should you remember another man girl, unless your a piece of shit snake in the grass.

  2. Swear everyone is questioning joe at the moment, what with Owen Benjamin full on verbally attacking him.

  3. Would give my left nut to hang with this guy. Wish you guys nothing but the best in 2019 ♾

  4. OH SAMMY…This guy always has the best advise doesnt he? And the best advise…no shirking on a bet and "sucking a fart " out of Ari Shaffers ass because this is MURICA MUTHAFUCKA!!! Not to mention getting pissed on…on live television…YUP…you've made it bro!!! In more ways than one…LOL. You had some good advise in here with uncle Joey so gotta give credit where credit is do but I'll also throw ya a shovel so you can dig out of the hole that you are in after the fart deal…stop being a whipping boy and taking bait on stupid bets.

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