STW #139: Sid

When did Bruce first meet Sid? When was Sid on the WWF’s radar? What did Vince promise Sid to get him to walk away from guaranteed money from WCW? Did Sid regret his decision to leave? How and where did Sid get the name Vicious and why the change to Justice? Did Sid turn down the “Hogan spot” in the WWF?

What did Bruce think of the finish to the 92 Rumble? What did Sid think about WrestleMania? Why did Sid leave the company after the European tour? Did Sid ever fail a drug test? What was Sid’s solution for drug testing at the time? What circumstance led Sid to return to the company? When did “softball” become “a thing” to the office? Why was Sid chosen for the push against Shawn Michaels? Were promises made to Sid? Did Sid shit his pants at WrestleMania? Who was driving during the 1997 car wreck? Would Sid have come back to the WWF had his leg not been broken in WCW? Is Sid worthy of going into the Hall of Fame? All of this and much more on a fun episode of Something to Wrestle!


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