New Years resolutions and much more – Ask Me Anything 35 – Coach Zahabi


  1. Coach, how long would you recommend I train before I begin fighting in mma? I want to be a Jiu Jitsu / grappling specialist in mma. Should I train until I receive my black belt and compete at the highest levels there before transitioning into mma, or should I have some amateur fights before then to build up my mma experience? Thanks as always!

  2. Coach, you spoke the truth. Who gives a damn what Conor thinks. He is an egotistical, arrogant person. His disrespect towards other religions and nations makes him a terrible ambassador for the sport. No honour, no principles, no respect and is immersed in complete ignorance. Even after being dominated and smashed by khabib, he still is as delusional and arrogant as ever.
    Keep up the great work coach firas, love your channel. The best MMA/general advice/fitness/philosophy channel there is on YouTube! You got it all!
    God bless. Huge fan.
    Ps: only a matter of time till nasrat and mirsad become ufc champs IA

  3. how about talking about how capitalism is destroying the world?? Please more gold instructionals!!

  4. he meant punch clocks as in the timer in the gym not as in punching in after your allocated lunch break

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