Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia #105 – Krustin’


  1. WTF!! so are you saying the first guy didn't turn up but the other guy did and now someone else is coming along?……crazy life you live!!….gang gang!!

  2. Dude, is a comedy show like going to a show show? Like a band? Back in the day I went to mad shows and it's all I have it to compare it to.
    Also, Gotham is in NYC, no? Laugh Factory too right? Is it a good venue, like are the crowds in NYC dope?
    What's the equivalent of the comedy store out here?
    I know you're Dad but is papi ok?
    What's with this divide between funny ass white comics and funny ass black comics? Can we have a diversity tour but it's ironic but not?
    Is Kevin Hart trash but illuminati so nobody says sht?
    That beat was the worst probably ever.
    Just things….
    Eff this direct tv part 2 papi, dont.

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