Cejudo vs Dillashaw & Pacquiao vs Broner Ep. 115 BELOW THE BELT

Brendan breaks down/makes picks for UFC Cejudo vs Dillashaw and Pacquiao vs Broner and talks breaking MMA & boxing events/news, Jon Jones tests clean for UFC 232, Conor McGregor’s verbal attacks on Pauli Malignaggi, Khabib and Firas Zahabi, SHOWTIME’s All Access, Adrien Broner partying, Manny Pacquiao buying over one thousand fight tickets, Tj Dillashaw and Henry Cejudo’s drastic body changes and more. Also, Edmonton Oilers, Wayne Gretzky, NFL playoffs, Big Dick Nick, Venom, fan questions and much more!


  1. Broner comes across like a guy without self confidence pretending to have self confidence. For that reason while I want him to lose, I sort of feel for him a bit too.

  2. If you want to see blood then definitely wait for Carnage because Carnage is the king of bloodshed

  3. Brendan we stole the Avs from the Quebec Nordiques, and its Connor McDavid… lol

  4. It’s too gothy in their the lighting is terrible and shaub looks like he’s auditioning for the next twilight getting me depressed lol

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