Cejudo vs Dillashaw & Pacquiao vs Broner Ep. 115 BELOW THE BELT

Brendan breaks down/makes picks for UFC Cejudo vs Dillashaw and Pacquiao vs Broner and talks breaking MMA & boxing events/news, Jon Jones tests clean for UFC 232, Conor McGregor’s verbal attacks on Pauli Malignaggi, Khabib and Firas Zahabi, SHOWTIME’s All Access, Adrien Broner partying, Manny Pacquiao buying over one thousand fight tickets, Tj Dillashaw and Henry Cejudo’s drastic body changes and more. Also, Edmonton Oilers, Wayne Gretzky, NFL playoffs, Big Dick Nick, Venom, fan questions and much more!


  1. Why do you hate on Greg hardy constantly but you root for the dirty rotten scumbag of a human Broner who got twice beating women. Git to be more consistent

  2. Why didnt anyone tell Schaub to move the boom arm and his hand away from his face? It's not his job to notice shit like that but theres a room full of people watching him be hidden.

  3. his speccial cant be selling well if he has to bring in joe rogan and bryan callen to move some more tickets people will probs say well 25 bucks to go see rogan . bravo schaub kill yourself

  4. Schaub straight up acted arrogant with the whole Jason knight conversation. 100,000 is good money, not everybody has joe rogan to ride his coat tails to success. Decent comedian but friends with rogan opened up everything for you including showtime. Without that name, you are punch drunk trying to earn money by wrestling

  5. Why is he such a Connor dick rider!!!!!! Wtf max fought a close fight when he wasn’t shit he’s so much better now and Nate wasn’t that much fuckin bigger gsp beat bisping who fought at a legit 205 and dc beat stipe who looked so much bigger Connor didn’t fuckin fight Goliath and there is a blueprint Connor struggles w grappling and cardio

  6. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Adesanya is going to “starch” Anderson. I mean if Adesanya does beat Anderson in a convincing fashion then you should be impressed that he is able to back up all the shit he talks against a true veteran like Anderson. Anderson is a beast. He is definitely one of the best ever and he is only 40 years old. I think Adesanya wins but it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Anderson’s best chance to win this one is probably with jujitsu just because that’s the one area he might have a competitive advantage in because of his experience in MMA. If your sleeping on Anderson you must be a casual. Hardcores no what’s up when it comes to The Spider.

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