Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #107 FULL VIDEO- Half Mansion Anthony Smith & Alexander Volkanovski

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss The definition of a mansion and Luis off mic antics before diving into all the craziest MMA news from the weekend. The boys focused in on UFC 235 and the main event announced by Dana White, of Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith, pending Jones passing NSAC regulations, the pair talked Jones quick turnaround against the former middleweight before the man himself called in to talk about the upcoming fight with Jones, how Bisping egging the two on at the Fox Sports desk may have played a part in the booking and Smith views on another, way prettier middleweight who is planning on making a similar jump.

They also discussed the co-main event of Tyron Woodley getting matched up with Kamaru Usman, what the Americans chances are against the Nigerian Nightmare and what it means for Colby Covington now that Dana White won’t even return his phone calls. They also touched on Polyana Viana’s take down of a would be mugger at a Brazil bus stop before Alexander Volkanovski also calls in to talk to the boys about his incredible win against Chad Mendes, his days as a rugby player and why he is such an entertaining match up for Max Holloway. All that plus a special appearance from Rebecca Bisping, Alfie’s dreaded trip to the vet, listener questions and so much more!


  1. Michael Bisping needs his own Guy Ritchie movie or join the WWE!!! Either or works for me!!!

  2. Mike you been watching the games in LA ? ole is back united have won 5 on a bounce now bro Liverpool lost 2nyt hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year

  3. I'm listening at 5.30am in Liverpool working as a taxi driver. Thanks for the show helped made me get out in my cab at 5am this morning especially as I never had any Pico grams left 😂

  4. Antony Smith IS a good Man …. I Like Humble Honest People …I will Back Him If , Jones ACT Stupid …More good descent Guy Like this will do good to UFC …

  5. I like Anthony a working class lad from Nebraska ! Rockhold comes off like arrogant bastid with a glass jaw !

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