1939 Plymouth Radial Air – Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. Obviously could use a fan shroud/cowling…I thought you were going to mention it, but you showed your class by not mentioning it.
    Seems odd they didn't think of that…?
    Anyway, lovely video.

  2. Hate to throw shade–very cool but only 300hp?? I'd want 800 to 1k for that much effort, wimpy for an aircraft radial. BIG Smile for the interior! 😀 I'd assume they need a lot of fan for that motor.

  3. People give Leno crap, this is a mans man, a funny person with great communication and people skills. American Society needs more older men like this to guide the weak (college) children of today.

  4. now lets get that crazy 55 chev that has a merlin rammed down her throat on the show

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